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How to Incorporate French Design Elements in Your Home: Coming in March 2016 on Fridays.

How to Incorporate French Design Elements in Your Home: Coming in March 2016 on Fridays.

Welcome to Elsa’s Travel Blog on Paris. I love Paris and the French culture in general, and I would like to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with others. To keep you coming back, I will be writing about many facets of Paris, French and American culture, and travelling to Paris. So who am I writing for?

  1. You are thinking of visiting Paris and want tips on how to get there, from getting a passport to transportation to Paris, what travel gear to buy, how to pack, and survival tips while there.

  2. You want updates on the latest travel deals to Paris. Follow me on Twitter @elsablogonparis.

  3. You want to learn more about Paris and the French culture and want suggestions on movies, books, magazines and restaurants to help you do so.

  4. You want to read though-provoking commentary on the differences between American and French culture, including myths and stereotypes.

  5. You are French (or are of another culture) and want to understand how Americans perceive the French culture.

  6. You are engaged to be married (!) and are thinking of a destination wedding in Paris. A topic to look forward to!

  7. You admire the way Parisians dress and would like help achieving that sense of style.

  8. You want updates on the best and latest travel gear.

Is there something else you would like to know about Paris or travelling there that I have not covered here? If so, please click here, or leave me a comment.

I hope you will find this blog helpful and interesting, and that you will tell others about it. I also hope that the people I met in Paris will read this blog. I learned some interesting things during my last trip to Paris about the way Americans are perceived in France, and I want my French friends to know I am passing on that information in the spirit of cultural understanding.



Image of pink French bed by John Drake, Flickr, CCBY 2.0.

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